December 7, 2020 12:00 PM, EST

Protect Your Fleet and Drivers with CalAmp’s iOn Vision

Driver performance is a major factor that affects the productivity and safety of any fleet. Driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking and tailgating can put drivers at risk of getting into a collision.

With the annual accident rate for commercial fleets hovering at around 20%, for fleet managers, it can seem impossible to prevent accidents and avoid risky driver behaviors within their fleet. However, integrated video telematics can help fleet managers in their effort to reduce unsafe driving habits by providing valuable insights and data on their drivers’ behaviors.

CalAmp iOn™ Vision is a fully integrated video telematics platform that provides actionable video intelligence to boost driver safety, proactively protect fleets and help mitigate potential legal liabilities stemming from roadway accidents and incidents. 

The solution features integrated smart cameras along with a CalAmp Wi-Fi-enabled telematics edge device and video server, empowering fleet managers to improve their fleet safety and mitigate potential liabilities. 



  • Actionable video intelligence through AI-powered visual and inertial triggers 
  • Integrated video telematics solution 
  • Customizable & programmable dashboard
  • Configurable triggered events, camera settings, and cellular data consumption 
  • CrashBoxx
  • Highly reliable crash detection technology ensures you capture video and are appropriately alerted 
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Affordable solution to enable greater fleet safety 


The New How – Expanding with Crashboxx

CrashBoxx, our award-winning vehicle risk management system, gives fleet managers a comprehensive analysis of an accident within minutes of the event. As part of iOn Vision service, fleet managers now can leverage visual, inertial and CrashBoxx triggered video clips into actionable intelligence.


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