June 8, 2010 10:00 AM, EDT

Port of L.A. Cites Clean Truck Program for Reduced Emissions

Officials at the Port of Los Angeles are crediting their clean trucks program, which resulted in significant turn-over of older trucks to newer and cleaner trucks, for significantly lowering port-wide diesel emissions in 2009.

The port’s annual emissions inventory report, compiled by environmental consultant Starcrest Consulting Group, showed that overall diesel particulate matter emissions dropped by 37% from 2008 levels. Nitrogen oxide emissions fell 28% and sulfur oxide emissions fell 36%.

When comparing 2009 emissions to those in 2005, the reductions were more pronounced — a 52% drop in PM, 33% for NOx, and 56% for Sox, the report said.

A report for the Port of Long Beach due in upcoming weeks is expected to show similar significant emissions reductions, a port spokesman said.

Heavy-duty trucks contribute 25% of the port’s particulate matter emissions, 38% of NOx emissions, 39% of carbon monoxide emissions and 39% of hydrocarbon emissions, the report said.

 “Even with recession-related cargo declines factored in, we saw very positive year over year emissions reductions in 2009,” said Geraldine Knatz, the port’s executive director.

“The results show that the investments the Port and its customers have made in cleaner operations are delivering a healthy pay-off,” she said in a statement.