October 9, 2018 10:00 AM, EDT

Paragon Software Opens New Hampshire Office

Vehicle routing and scheduling optimization provider Paragon Software Systems has opened an office in Manchester, N.H.

The company, already well established in Dallas, is looking to break into the Northeast logistics market.

“Opening a N.H. office will allow us to strengthen our presence in the U.S. and specifically provide excellent on-the-ground support to new and existing customers in the Northeast region,” Paragon CEO William Salter said per a press release. “The Northeast is a challenging market for product distribution, where businesses face the daily challenge of serving dense urban and suburban centers. That alone justified a move into the Northeast, to take advantage of new opportunities and look after existing customers.”

Paragon Software


Paragon’s routing and scheduling software can help fleet operators plan more efficient routes. It helps factor in parameters including individual driver availability, rush-hour conditions and unloading times, reducing hours on the road and miles driven.

The company is betting that congestion and restricted access to delivery locations in the Northeast will make its software invaluable to the region’s logistics market.

“Paragon is ideally suited to serve this market,” Salter said.