Ontario Orders 3% Biodiesel Mandate

Micah Walter/Bloomberg News

Starting April 1, the provincial government in Ontario is requiring that trucking’s main fuel sold there be at least 3% biodiesel.

The long-awaited biodiesel mandate was published March 31 by the province. Northern Ontario will not be included in the mandate until 2017.

The Ontario Trucking Association said it is concerned the mandate will lead to the use of biodiesel with a higher biofuel content than currently accepted by truck engine manufacturers’ warranties.

The mandate is a compromise of sorts. When first proposed, the requirement was to be 2% biofuel content in all diesel sold in the province for the period April 2014 to December 31, 2015. The requirement was to rise to 4% biodiesel in 2016.

The regulation, however, delays full implementation to the 4% level until 2017.


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