Ontario Considering 2% Biodiesel Rule

Plan Calls for Raising to 4% by 2016

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is considering a fuel mandate that would require diesel fuel sold there to contain 2% biodiesel, with the percentage doubled by 2016.

“The ministry is consulting with the public and stakeholders on a proposal to require a greener diesel blend,” said ministry spokeswoman Kate Jordan.

If approved, the 2% mandate would be in effect between April 1 and December 2015, Jordan said. Starting in 2016, the mandate would require 4% biodiesel content.

The mandates for 2% and 4% biodiesel content would include both on-the-road and off-road diesel fuel, as well as home heating oil.

The Ontario Trucking Association said in a statement that it had concerns about the proposed regulation.

“Beyond cost concerns, OTA also questions the environmental benefit of a biodiesel regulation in light of the [greenhouse gas] regulations the trucking sector is already facing,” the association said.

OTA said it was worried that the ministry’s final decision on a mandate would be made early next year, “potentially leaving fuel suppliers with little time to react in the event the proposal is in fact implemented in April 2014.”


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