December 2, 2016 9:10 AM, EST

Minimizer Launches Two New Products

Parts and accessories manufacturer Minimizer said it launched its Trailer Slick Plate and the Tool Caddy product lines.

“These products, consistent with our Tested and Tortured brand, offer solution-based answers for those in the heavy duty trucking industry,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said in a statement.

The Trailer Slick Plate is a self-lubricating polymer plate that attaches to a trailer’s upper coupler and is designed for easier maintenance and fewer issues with coupling tractors and trailers, the Blooming Prairie, Minnesota-based company said.

The Tool Caddy is the newest addition to Minimizer’s Maintenance Line, the company said, and attaches to the tire, creating a space to store up to 100 pounds of tools and gear.

The Tool Caddy is designed to fit three applications – standard tires 245 to 295, Super Single tires and flatbed trailers, Minimizer said.

The flatbed version is meant to hold all of your straps as you load your cargo, Kruckeberg said. “And to top it off, the flatbed Tool Caddy fits inside of a 36-inch Minimizer Tool Box.”