October 8, 2015 9:00 AM, EDT

Magtec to Offer Software Integration With Telematics Providers

Magtec Products Inc.

Magtec Products Inc. announced that it has formed a new venture to integrate its anti-theft and driver-management software with major global telematics providers.

The process will allow telematics suppliers to offer Magtec’s vehicle-control system, which includes a speed limiter, access control and remote vehicle shutdown, as part of their service offerings.

Mitch Morisset, vice president of Magtec, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, said several companies have expressed interest in the company’s products, although he did not identify any of those companies by name.

“The strength of these telematics providers is typically their superior analytics and reporting capabilities,” Morisett said in an Oct. 6 statement, “but they can’t do anything to control the driver or the vehicle. Ultimately, this amalgamation will give fleets the features they have been requesting without having to choose between their existing provider and Magtec.”