Lytx Launches Integration With Fleet Tech Providers

Lytx DriveCam
Lytx DriveCam devices use machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to help reduce distracted driving. (Lytx Inc.)

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Video telematics company Lytx is integrating its solutions with a network of other software providers to offer customers an all-in-one fleet management platform.

The Lytx Integration Network is an ecosystem of partners that provides clients with access to fleet operations solutions and shared data. Lytx said those partners can leverage its hardware and telematics data solutions to offer customers a customizable platform.

“It does represent a pivot and a change in strategy for us at Lytx because we very much created kind of a stand-alone technology stack,” Frank Schneider, director of strategic partnerships and integrations, told Transport Topics. “The integration network really represents a pivot toward creating a platform for enabling third parties regardless of whether they have hardware in the vehicle or not.”

Lytx provides artificial intelligence-based video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity solutions for fleets. The integration network aggregates tools and data from more than 20 partners that offer tracking, dispatching, routing, maintenance, repairs, transportation management, insurance automation, risk management, human resources and compliance.

“Our platform has given fleet managers valuable insights into what happens in and around their fleet,” Chief Technology Officer Rajesh Rudraradhya said. “Leveraging this success, we are now partnering with the industry’s top fleet technology providers to provide clients with best-in-class, end-to-end solutions to improve operations and transform their businesses.”



“Now, Lytx customers can use the Lytx Integration Network to access more of Geotab’s ecosystem of innovative technology solutions to help improve fleet efficiency, productivity and regulatory compliance,” said Colin Sutherland, Geotab’s executive vice president of sales. “This all-in-one platform offers customers the power of both Geotab and Lytx technologies with a seamless user experience.”

Schneider said the plan is to keep growing the network with more third-party solutions that are a good match and that he is confident in what solutions it already can provide to customers.

“There are a couple of really big benefits,” he said. “The first is just ease of deployment. So if Lytx already has a device that’s connecting the vehicle and creating a data stream that already exists, this becomes a much more frictionless way for these third parties to deploy.”

All aboard

Lytx Integration Network partners include:

• McLeod Software

• Geotab

• Idelic Safety Suite

• CarriersEdge

• eTruckBiz

• Indenseo

• Tenstreet

• Beans Route

• Whip Around

• ProMiles

• GreenMile

• Locus

• Elite Extra

• PackageRoute

• Revo

• Wrapify

Schneider added that an example would be some of the dispatching partnerships. Lytx can provide them a platform for GPS tracking. The alternative for those companies would be either to deploy their own hardware into a vehicle or leverage cellphones. But either option requires additional deployment and support. Lytx said it can help partners avoid that so they can more quickly bring their solutions to common clients.

“Lytx has been putting black boxes into vehicles for years now,” Schneider said. “Whenever we have a client or a common client who is deploying our solutions, we can enable these third parties very seamlessly sort of in parallel. That’s one big benefit. The other big benefit is oftentimes we can enrich their applications with data or with functionality they typically wouldn’t have without our integration.”

Idelic, for instance, provides fleet owners safety and driver turnover solutions. Lytx said that through its integrated network, those customers can gain a clearer understanding of their drivers and safety with the addition of its own video telematics and safety data.



“It’s additive to the features and the functionality of their application in such a way that we can centralize our data for our common clients in whichever dashboard operationally our clients are working on to make that faster and easier for them to use,” Schneider said. “That’s really another big benefit.”

He added that the final benefit is it provides customers choices among which solutions provider they want to use. There is a lot of overlap among the services each partner offers. But the different approaches may fit some customers over others.

“We might not be the best provider of fuel tax reporting solutions,” Schneider said. “We might never have the capital or focus to build out that type of solution. But maybe we have a lot of data, enough that we could put together a report. Through our partnership with ProMiles, we can now give clients the choice to use our solution, which has the data and use the ProMiles solution for fuel tax reporting, which in my view is best in class. And you now get the choice to leverage either solution.”

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