Letters to the Editor: 68 Miles Per Hour (Continued)

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It looks like the only way the big companies can save face with shippers and receivers is to force smaller companies like us to downgrade our services to match their dysfunctional programs. (Click here for previous coverage.)A better idea would be to train their drivers and uncap their trucks to run the speed limits; then they can be as efficient as we are.If you set all trucks to one speed, then cap all vehicles at that speed, not just the trucks.When you cap my truck, your name will be on the title.Chuck ShepardOwnerShepard Enterprises LLCClifton, Colo.I feel this is getting out of hand and we need to get one set of rules for all trucks and keep it simple. Sixty-eight miles per hour is the “sweet spot” on fuel and safety, so what’s the big deal? Make it law and for real.Stop all the bull. Get hours of service at a flat 12-hour day and it is done. Drivers do not need to be lumpers. You order the load, you unload the load — and we all call it a day.Thomas StoneOwnerT.R. Stone Trucking Co.Palmer, Mass.These letters appear in the Jan. 1 print edition of Transport Topics. Subscribe today.