Letter to the Editor: Speed Limits, Opening the Border

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Speed LimitsThere is a lot more traffic and a lot more going on behind the wheel other than turning it, with cellphones, Global Positioning System and onboard computers. Then there is the guy in front; he will always be in front and there is no catching up on your time factor. Having all trucks run 68 mph is automatically going to slow everything down. Sure, that’s going to aggravate the four-wheeler and the truck driver, but slow is safer, isn’t it? Now, how do we deal with the impending increase in road rage? That, too, is automatic.I know, because our trucks have been governed at 65 mph to 68 mph and it is rather nerve-wracking.Ron LambertSafety ManagerDonovan Bros. TruckingLas VegasOpening the BorderI would be very interested to know if the Mexican drivers who will be allowed to enter the United States will be required to speak English. Also, will they be required to follow the same drug-testing program as truckers do here? When the Mexican drivers obtain their commercial driver licenses, are they required to meet the same obligations as the U.S. drivers?As an insurance agent writing only transportation industry (trucking companies) insurance business, I would like to know that the rules are the same for all drivers. Now, when it seems there are so many accidents blamed on trucking companies, I feel it is very important that all trucking companies and drivers are on the same “playing field.”Will the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system be obligated to keep information separate, such as the difference between accidents by Mexican companies versus the U.S. companies?Bettye Seng PresidentBettye Seng Insurance Agency Inc.Bowling Green, Ky.These letters appear in the March 12 print edition of Transport Topics. Subscribe today.


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