March 20, 2014 2:45 PM, EDT

Judge Halts Oregon Information Swap System

An Oregon Circuit Court judge has halted the state’s practice of trading Department of Motor Vehicles records for website and computer services because the system shortchanges funding for road work.

Judge Vance Day of the Marion County court in Salem ruled from the bench that Oregon Trucking Associations — and seven other companies or trade associations — did have the right to sue two executive branch departments of Oregon’s government. The judge also said the arrangement set up by the departments of Transportation and Administrative Services was unlawful, the trucking association said.

“This is a huge win for the trucking industry and motorists. We have vowed to protect the Highway Trust Fund, and once again we have prevailed. The court’s decision should dissuade ODOT and others from further attempts to raid the Highway Trust Fund for years to come,” OTA President Debra Dunn said.

Day’s oral statement will be followed by a printed ruling, Dunn said, but that could take more than a week. Telephone calls to Day’s staff were not returned.

Dunn said both parties to the civil suit must work out an option on what happens next in terms of disassembling system that has been in place.

“We are aware of the judge’s decision and are considering our options with our attorneys. As a result, we cannot provide further comment,” said Matt Shelby, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

Proceeds from the sale of DMV records are supposed to fund road building, but DAS arranged for an information technology vendor to get the money in exchange for providing the state with IT services.