June 20, 2022 12:00 AM, EDT

Instantly Match with Qualified Drivers

The current state of driver recruitment on both sides of the market is frustrating. There are roughly 700,000 motor carrier companies in the US and more than 3.5 million CDL drivers and any given moment. Every month there are roughly 300,000 CDL jobs open. Carriers and drivers alike are spending countless hours on various job boards and social media channels, making it very hard to connect a specific job the carrier is hiring for with a driver who meets the qualifications and is looking for that role.

According to our recent driver insights research, more than half of drivers are upset with the state of the job search process. They don't know where to look for a job that meets their criteria, and are often left overwhelmed with long or confusing applications. The number one pain point that drivers communicate with us is that they're looking at false job ads and they're tired of recruiters who are overpromising and under delivering.

It's not so different on the carrier side of the market. Our carrier customers are also frustrated and often complain that having too many sources to post jobs ends up wasting time and money. Managing a marketing budget across several platforms is difficult, especially when the quality of applicants is not always reliable.

Fortunately, a better way to recruit drivers is here. With the TF1 for Carriers driver recruitment platform, you can find your next driver with just 3 clicks:

  1. Create your job post(s)
  2. Instantly match with qualified drivers who meet your criteria and show interest
  3. View driver profiles and approve the candidates you want to contact

That’s it. No resume sifting. No wasted time or money. Just qualified drivers ready to go to work for you.

At TransForce, we’re heavily invested in this marketplace and want to create a seamless experience for carriers to find the best drivers for their open jobs, and for drivers to find a job that meets their skills and lifestyle. Over 25,000 drivers use TF1 to find jobs, and over 1,000 active drivers sign up weekly. As a carrier, you are in complete control of your budget and spend, and we guarantee 1 in 10 candidates will convert to hire.

Visit to request a demo and start matching with drivers.


About TransForce

TransForce leads the industry in innovative driver shortage solutions. The company leverages its TF1 app to access a digital network of CDL-licensed drivers to match them in real-time with top trucking jobs. TransForce works with third party logistics, private fleets, and trucking companies to provide drivers in a way that best meets partner business needs, from temporary flex workers to full-time hires. The company’s solutions drastically reduce time-to-hire and keep more trucks on the road. TransForce operates throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additional information about the company can be found at



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