May 17, 2010 1:30 PM, EDT

IdleAire to Reopen at 23 Locations

IdleAire Inc.

IdleAire Inc. said that it will reopen its idle-reduction facilities at 23 truck stops after ceasing operations in January.

The company posted a statement dated May 12 on its Web site listing the 23 locations and saying that it is “planning to restart IdleAire service in the near future” at the truck stops.

It is unclear from the statement who currently owns the company. When it restructured in 2008, its owners included clients of Airlie Group, Kenmont Investments Management, SV Special Situations Fund, Whitebox Advisors, Wayzata Investment Partners and Wilfrid Aubrey LLC.

Visitors to the Web site,, are invited to revisit later for specific information about each location's opening.

IdleAire ceased operations Jan. 29, saying it was unable to find a buyer for its assets. Its product included air conditioning and electric outlets, which allowed truck drivers to avoid idling while at truck stops.