October 6, 2014 10:20 AM, EDT

Florida Expands Natural Gas Fueling-Station Network

Rich Clement/Bloomberg News

Since Florida passed a natural gas-vehicle rebate program, the amount of fueling stations have increased by more than 200%, according to the Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.

Since 2012, when the state passed the Natural Fuel Gas Vehicle Rebate program, Florida has added 43 compressed natural gas fueling stations with an additional 29 planned, according to the coalition. Currently, there are 61 active CNG stations.

“The fleets in my legislative district, Jacksonville, and its surrounding area have begun the transition to the clean burning American natural gas,” state Rep. Lake Ray said in a statement.

Beer distributor Champion Brands, UPS and Raven Trucking have started to make the switch to CNG according to Ray, as well as taxis, a seafood wholesaler, local government and the Jacksonville Transit Authority.

“This fuel provides significant budget savings to governmental entities, the business world and our citizens,” state Sen. Wilton Simpson said in a statement.

“Natural gas has been a game-changer for Florida and the United States, not only for motor vehicles but for the energy sector, commercial businesses and the manufacturing industry. I’m proud to have sponsored this legislation in the Florida Senate,” Simpson said.