January 17, 2022 12:00 PM, EST

FleetAero - Custom Aerodynamic Solutions

Improving tractor-trailer aerodynamics to reduce fuel burn and improve profitability has been a goal for decades. However, most of the investment in aerodynamic efficiency has been on tractor design. Today virtually every tractor has been optimized from an aerodynamic perspective with even the windshield wipers now optimized to reduce drag. The same cannot be said for trailers which are optimized for hauling freight without any regard to aerodynamics.  The result is hardly surprising: 75% of the aerodynamic drag reducing tractor-trailer performance comes from the trailer.

With trailer designs remaining largely stagnant, companies such as Strehl have brought to market a range of aftermarket solutions such as trailer skirts and tail-aero system to improve trailer aerodynamics and improve fuel economy. Some first-generation technologies worked well; some did not.  Some proved to be effective and resilient; some were gimmicks or maintenance nightmares.  But throughout, the demand for more advanced solutions continued to grow as fuel prices increased and regulators raised the bar on acceptable thresholds for fuel economy and carbon emissions.

In response to the growing demand for improvements in trailer aerodynamics, we at Strehl took the major step to identify, acquire and package together under one roof the very best solutions on the market today. Today, that strategy and vision is reflected in our transition to FleetAero and our portfolio of products, each of which is proven through independent tests and through real world performance to represent the very best in class.  Our products are well known and have been proven to perform and survive the trials of the open road.  They include TrailerBlade family of skirts, the best tail-aero solution, Rocketail, and our TrailerBlade family of mudflaps.  Individually, each is the best in class.  Together, and marketed as our “FleetAero Synergy Solution” they deliver unprecedented performance: a 10% reduction in fuel burn at highway speeds. That’s right!  A standard trailer outfitted with FleetAero Skirts, a FleetAero Tail and FleetAero Flaps is proven through independent testing and real-world performance metrics to reduce fuel consumption by over 10%.



FleetAero develops and markets the most advanced aerodynamic solutions for reducing aerodynamic drag and improving fuel economy for the nation’s fleet of long-haul trailers. FleetAero’s packaged solutions are proven to achieve the two most important objectives sought by today’s owner operators:  certified fuel savings exceeding 10% while achieving regulatory compliance. All FleetAero products are designed and tested in real-world environments, backed by hard data and supported by outstanding service. FleetAero products are available nationwide through semi-trailer OEMs, the Strehl dealer network and most semi-trailer dealers.

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