December 13, 2016 1:30 PM, EST

eNow Announces Strategic Partnership With IdleAir


Renewable energy provider eNow announced a strategic partnership with IdleAir, whose grid-powered approach to provide longhaul truck drivers an alternative to idling their engines during rest periods will now be enhanced by eNow’s solar panels.

Warwick, Rhode Island-based eNow said the partnership underscored the viability of its energy-as-a-service renewable energy solutions for a variety of markets.

“IdleAir addresses both energy and environmental issues in groundbreaking ways. In an era when anti-idling laws are on the increase, they are helping the environment and making life easier for truckers, a win-win that is also a key part of our approach,” Jeff Flath, CEO and founder of eNow, said in a statement.

IdleAir’s idle reduction system relies on clean electricity generated from domestic American energy resources and uses only 1/10th as much energy as idling imported petroleum, the Knoxville, Tennessee-based company said.

“This was all about synergies,” IdleAir CEO Ethan Garber said in a statement. “eNow’s solar panels generate far more energy than any other comparable solar solution for transportation, which meshes perfectly with our alternative to idling. The trucking industry will benefit all around from our partnership and ongoing and future projects.”

IdleAir said its service allows truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines and auxiliary power units and still enjoy heating, cooling, standard electric inside and outside the cab, satellite TV, internet and many of the comforts of home — all while saving money and getting better sleep without the noise, vibration and exhaust fumes from idling.

IdleAir is a division of Convoy Solutions and said it is the largest provider of truck stop electrification services at major travel centers.