May 15, 2018 11:45 AM, EDT

Dynamo Launches Founders Camp for Entrepreneurs

Anna Mason Investor Anna Mason talks with entrepreneurs in Chattanooga, Tenn. (Santosh Sankar, Dynamo)

Dynamo, a transportation and logistics-oriented venture capital fund based in Chattanooga, Tenn., is launching a Founders Camp for entrepreneurs with ideas for transforming global trade and commerce.

The program, set for Oct. 8-12, is designed to help company founders advance their business concepts by providing opportunities to interact with industry executives. Among those attending will be Ryan Rogers, chief transformation officer at Covenant Transport, and Jett McCandless, CEO of Project44. Invitees also will meet with founders of Dynamo-funded startups in the local community who can provide operational advice and customer introductions.

“We are excited to support Founders Camp and rally forward-thinking corporates to engage and support the up-and-coming stars in supply chain and transportation technologies,” Rogers said in a statement provided by Dynamo. “We feel strongly that this effort will augment our internal innovation and provide opportunities to offer differentiated services to our customers over time.”

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McCandless said it is oftentimes difficult for startups to find the advice they need to build a meaningful business. “I’m honored to join a roster of operators ready to share their deep knowledge in areas such as product, customer success and sales.”

Dynamo co-founder and Director Santosh Sankar said he wants to bring together people who have started companies in five general areas: trucking technology, applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, machine learning, products and solutions related to agriculture and the food chain, and warehouse automation.

“There is no cost to a startup to participate,” Sankar said May 11 in announcing the Founders Camp. “We encourage companies from abroad who are considering an entry into the U.S.”

Each of the company founders selected for the camp will receive benefits from an F6S Alpha Card, which includes a free round-trip flight, discounted lodging and $1 million worth of free startup services, Sankar noted.

F6S is a London-based networking organization for company founders, investors and business incubators. The name comes from shortening the six letters between F and S in founders.

Other companies providing support for Dynamo’s camp include San Diego-based Omnitracs, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga and Market Street Partners, a Chattanooga-based accounting firm.

Santosh Sankar

Dynamo's Santosh Sankar. (Dynamo)

Another participant in the Founders Camp sessions will be Anna Mason, a partner at Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, an early stage investment firm started by AOL co-founder Steve Case and backed by three dozen entrepreneurs, investors and executives, including Google’s Eric Schmidt, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and HP’s Meg Whitman.

Mason said she is looking forward to working with founders to build “industry-changing businesses.”

“We’re proud to have co-invested with Dynamo previously,” Mason said, “and recognize their passion and expertise in supply chain and transportation-oriented businesses.”

Sankar said he is hopeful that Founders Camp will provide a forum for startups and corporate executives “where both can walk away with benefits” and where founders can “build their business and drive meaningful traction.”

The deadline for Founders Camp applications is Aug. 1.