March 29, 2016 2:00 PM, EDT

Dupré Logistics President Tom Voelkel to Retire March 31

Tom Voelkel, photo by Dupré Logistics

Tom Voelkel, president and chief commercial officer for Dupré Logistics, will retire March 31 after 33 years with the company.

“Tom led our team to become a leader in truck transportation and logistics in the hazardous materials industry,” Dupré Logistics CEO Reggie Dupré said in a statement. “I counted on Tom to ask the hard questions and do the hard things that are necessary to become a great company. Tom did the right things the right way and built things to last over the years.”

Voelkel began with the company as an operations manager. During his career, the company grew from $2.6 million in revenue in 1982 to $208 million in revenue in 2015. 

“I have loved being a passionate entrepreneur and defying gravity. Working with a talented and committed team doing things that people said couldn’t be done was very satisfying," Voelkel said In a statement to employees and clients. "This was the challenge of helping to build a company, and I loved it. I am confident in the talented players on our team to take Dupré Logistics to the next level.”

Dupré added: “My family and our team thank Tom for his leadership and commitment for over 33 years. He has prepared us to move on to a successful future.”