October 28, 2018 2:15 PM, EDT

DriverReach Expands Digital Platform to Speed Up Driver Hiring

DriverReach founder and CEO Jeremy ReymerReymer by John Sommers II for Transport Topics

AUSTIN, Texas — With the trucking industry facing a critical shortage of more than 50,000 drivers, Indianapolis-based DriverReach unveiled an online platform for companies and drivers that the human resources tech company said will accelerate the hiring process of drivers.

Founder and CEO Jeremy Reymer unveiled the product at a news conference Oct. 28 at American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition.

“I think everyone knows the demand for talent is tight, not just in trucking but across the entire landscape in virtually every industry,” Reymer said, noting the nation’s unemployment rate is 3.7%, the lowest it has been since 1969.

Reymer said the trucking industry has lagged when it comes to HR and recruiting technology, and he believes his company’s digital product will make it easier for recruiters to compare side-by-side candidates’ resumes and driving history.

“With full [content resource management] functionality, all e-mails and texts and communication can be stored in this applicant’s profile for easy access and visibility,” Reymer said.

Many companies say verifying a driver’s previous employment and driving record can be the biggest challenge because of the length of time it often takes. And often good candidates are lost because other employers are able to move the process along faster and make the driver an offer sooner. Reymer says his company’s VOE Plus (verification of employment) will improve that situation.

“We’ve automated much of that and provided for a greater experience for all with VOE Plus. With access to VOE Plus’ growing previous employment database, as well as the database of partners including Hire Right and Driver IQ, we are enabling companies to dramatically improve their speed to hire,” he said.

Beginning in 2019, DriverReach will add a program to the platform so drivers can self-schedule interviews with companies, avoiding the back-and-forth process of sending texts and e-mails to recruiters, to set a date and time for that conversation.

Reymer says the biggest challenge the industry is facing when it comes to hiring drivers is expanding the pool of candidates. Two potential solutions are attracting more young people and veterans leaving the military.

Reymer also serves as a member of ATA’s Workforce Development Subcommittee.

DriverReach booth at MCE 2018

DriverReach booth on the exhibit hall floor by John Sommers II for Transport Topics