DOT Issues Daylight-Saving Time Reminder

Experts Caution on Potential Computer Glitches
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The Department of Transportation issued a reminder that starting in 2007, daylight-saving time will begin three weeks earlier, starting this weekend.At 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 11, clocks will “spring forward” an hour, DOT said.Congress passed a law in 2005 mandating that the start of Daylight Saving Time be moved back three weeks, in an effort to save energy following soaring prices following that year's big hurricanes.The early time switch may create some computer problems this weekend, as many computers have built-in clocks are pre-programmed to make the change in April, the Associated Press reported.And because the world is full of computer systems that have particular methods for accounting for time, experts say it's hard to know how widespread any problems will be this weekend, AP said.


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