DDC FPO Unveils Software to Streamline Freight-Document Processing

Seth Clevenger
SAN DIEGO — DDC FPO, a provider of business-process outsourcing, announced the launch of a new back-office program Oct. 4 designed to streamline the document-management process for freight billing.

The new software package, named iCapture for Freight Billing, uses optical character recognition technology to automatically process scanned, e-mailed and faxed documents, which removes human error and improves efficiency and accuracy, according to the company.

The software can eliminate up to 90% of keystrokes, thus reducing labor costs, Chad Crotty, vice president of sales, said during a press conference here at American Trucking Associations’ 2014 Management Conference & Exhibition.

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“Since transportation companies have been generating and processing freight bills, it’s been a largely manual process, prone to errors,” Crotty said. “Our systems have been designed to save money, improve efficiency and accuracy and help carriers focus on what they do best, which is move freight.”

DDC FPO said iCapture is customizable and can extract data from key document fields, as well as accessorials and hand-written information.

The company said its products process 20% of all less-than-truckload bills in the United States.

DDC FPO is a division of The DDC Group, a global network of business-process outsourcing providers.