September 24, 2007 4:00 PM, EDT

Cummins to Use EGR in 2010 Heavy-Duty Engines

Will Not Use SCR, NOx Aftertreatment
Bloomberg News

Engine maker Cummins Inc. said its heavy-duty 2010 on-highway engines will use exhaust gas recirculation technology, and will not use selective catalytic reduction or nitrogen oxide aftertreatment.

Cummins said it will not use SCR to meet 2010 heavy-duty emissions requirements. This will avoid the problem of having to assure a regular supply of urea, a key ingredient for SCR systems.

“We didn’t feel that over-the-road heavy-duty fleets, with irregular routes, would benefit from SCR, which requires the addition of urea at set intervals,” Cummins’ Steve Charlton told Transport Topics.

The company said it will use an evolution of its 2007 system to maintain power and torque with comparable fuel economy and maintenance intervals.

Cummins said it will offer a “complete lineup of on-highway engines to meet the near-zero 2010 emissions standards” being set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Having the ability to meet a broader range of customer needs with an expanded product line using Cummins’ technology is our formula for success in 2010 and beyond,” said Ed Pence, vice president and general manager for Cummins’ heavy-duty engine business.

Engines also will have advanced electronic controls, proven air handling and the particulate filters, the company said.

By Transport Topics
Staff Reporter Fred Kiel contributed to this story.