June 28, 2018 2:30 PM, EDT

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy Announces $8.5 Million for Transit Projects

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Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy recently announced that $8.5 million would be divided among five transit-related projects across the state.

The funds are made possible through the Responsible Growth and Transit Oriented Development Grants program, which is administered by the Office of Policy and Management and aims to boost economic activity and create jobs.

“Transportation isn’t just about cars, trains and buses. It’s about building vibrant communities and continuing to make Connecticut a more attractive place to live, visit and do business,” Malloy said in a statement released June 22. “Today’s grant awards will build upon the smart, targeted investments we have made in recent years, which have already lead to significant growth in transit-oriented development across the state.”

The projects are located in Danbury, Hartford, Stamford, Torrington and West Hartford. In Danbury, some $2 million will be spent on improving intersections and adding sidewalks in the downtown area near the train station. Nearly $2 million will be used to improve accessibility and landscaping around the Springdale Train Station in Stamford.

Some $450,000 will go toward bike and pedestrian amenities in downtown Hartford. In West Hartford, some $2 million will be used to add bike lanes and improve signage along New Park Avenue, an important route near Interstate 84. The final $2 million will be directed to repairing and replacing sidewalks at major intersections in Torrington.

These grants are the second round released through the Responsible Growth and Transit Oriented Development Grants program. The first round of grants, totaling $4.5 million, were released in December 2017. In total, the program makes $15 million available for grant recipients. Of that, $5 million is directed to the Responsible Growth Incentive Fund, and $10 million is set aside for the Transit-Oriented Development and Pre-development Fund.

“These projects are essential to moving Connecticut’s economy forward,” Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes said. “Our state’s recovery requires a first-class transportation system with strong business growth at the local level, and these grants will help foster that ascension in the communities we call home. The jobs created by these projects and the infrastructure enhancements will not only benefit us in the short term, but for generations to come.”