March 18, 2014 9:15 AM, EDT

CNG Price Flat at $2.09, DOE Says

Rich Clement/Bloomberg News

U.S. retail prices of compressed natural gas for vehicles were flat from October to January, remaining at $2.09 per gasoline-gallon equivalent on average, the U.S. Department of Energy said after surveying 498 fueling sites.

During the same time, retail diesel, gasoline and B20 biodiesel prices dipped, and pure biodiesel increased, according to the quarterly Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report sponsored by DOE.

Clean Cities surveyed prices during the first half of January and compared them with averages from Oct. 4-18, the report said. DOE usually has published the January data Feb. 1, but release of this report was delayed.

Gasoline dropped to $3.34 a gallon from $3.45 in the fall, and diesel dipped by 2 cents a gallon to $3.89. B20 also declined to $3.97 from $4.02, and B99/B100 rose to $4.28 from $4.18.