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Clarience Introduces New Fleet Management Platform

Nada Jiddou speaks during the San Diego press conference. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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SAN DIEGO — Road Ready, a brand of Clarience Technologies, introduced a new fleet management platform that leverages application programming interface techniques to enable the integration and exchange of data.

The Fus1on platform aims to integrate data more easily from a growing number of data sources. The platform uses API feeds. Each of these feeds runs queries for specific data requested by the platform. This helps it quickly request, process and display data from multiple sources, the company said.

“Fus1on is our reimagined productivity tool for the fleet manager,” said Nada Jiddou, executive vice president of Clarience and general manager of Road Ready, during an Oct. 24 press conference at American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition. “When we think of smart technology, when we think of technology and data, we think of our customer. Over the last year and a half, two years, we’ve been talking to fleets. We’ve been investigating what ails them, what pains them.”

APIs are a standardized approach that allows disparate apps to exchange data at scale without the extensive programming time required with custom integration. In addition to this approach, the platform is purpose-built for cloud computing using Amazon Web Services. This service already includes built-in features such as security protocols, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation functions.

“It is not enough to just gather data and put it out to the fleet,” Jiddou said. “That data has to have insight. It has to create wisdom, and it has to create value add in order for them to use the data effectively to drive their operation. Things like their fuel efficiency, things like what the state of their equipment is, what’s the productivity of their driver. But it’s not enough that we just give them the data; we have to put it in a place and in a format that is easily consumed by that fleet manager.”

Fus1on will serve as the new foundation for Road Ready’s connectivity solutions as the brand moves beyond smart trailers and toward smart fleets. It was introduced as a replacement platform for the current Fleetilla platforms. This is a step toward the ultimate goal of building solutions that bring total supply chain visibility.

“All of that is key,” Jiddou said. “To achieve that, Fus1on is a single pane of glass platform that takes any device data, aggregates the data and correlates it into a single consumable format that then can be provided on that dashboard that they get. We actually are going to be building on top of that as additional partners join the Fus1on network.”

Fus1on aims to provide fleet managers with data that can be analyzed and acted upon in different ways throughout the day. This would include a critical item checklist that prioritizes overnight issues that would be reviewed at home or a fleet performance dashboard that could be shared in real time with the entire fleet operations team.

“We built Fus1on from the ground up with in-house resources from Clarience technology and Road Ready. And what the platform does is it’s a true IoT platform. It is cloud first,” Jiddou said.

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