September 28, 2015 9:00 AM, EDT

CarrierWeb Introduces Android and Mobile Products

CarrierWeb has introduced new Android-based options for its CarrierMate line of telematics systems to offer expanded capabilities and greater functionality outside the cab.

The company’s CarrierMate 7000 is new version of its fixed-mount, in-cab CM 5700 display unit that runs on the Android operating system. CarrierWeb said it will integrate the new product with other Android transportation applications.

The technology supplier also announced its CarrierWeb Portable Assistant, a product for smart phones and tablets that enable the driver to perform activities outside the cab, including messaging and electronic driver vehicle inspection reports.

CarrierWeb also announced CarrierMate XL, a larger, 8-inch Android tablet that mounts on an in-cab powered bracket and provides the same functionality as its CarrierMate fixed-display units.

“The new Android products extend the range of mobility for our in-cab solutions while delivering the same driver-preferred workflow and real-time data to the CarrierWeb back office and integrated TMS offerings,” said R. Fenton-May, chairman of CarrierWeb.