September 14, 2017 4:00 PM, EDT

California County May Halt New Trucking Terminals as Tensions Rise

Sutter County California

Sutter County may move to temporarily halt any new trucking operations in unincorporated areas as tensions mount with area residents over trucking terminals off Highway 99 south of Yuba City.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors instructed staff to draft an urgency ordinance on any new commercial trucking operations. If approved, the ordinance would put existing applications on hold and restrict staff from accepting new applications for 45 days.

“Supervisors have received multiple complaints about the impacts commercial trucking operations are having on residential neighborhoods, particularly in and around the intersection of Oswald Road and Highway 99,” it was stated in a county press release. “Residents say they fear increasing truck traffic and other impacts. They also complain about the noise of trucks being worked on late into the night.”

But the press release also acknowledged the importance of the trucking industry as a job creator for the county.

The ordinance would not have an impact on any existing trucking operations.

The temporary halt would also allow for the newly-formed commercial trucking ad hoc committee to review existing policies, permitting and enforcement of conditions associated with the operation of commercial truck yards.

The measure will go before the board on Oct. 10 and would need four votes to pass.

The vote to draft the ordinance passed 4-1, with Supervisor Jim Whiteaker casting the sole dissenting vote.

Whiteaker argued the ad hoc committee, which has met only once, should be allowed to have more time before the county resorts to any moratorium. Whiteaker said a cease and desist on any new operations around Oswald Road would be more impactful.

In a separate action, the board also passed a measure to establish a 15-ton load limit on Railroad Avenue from Oswald Road to Oswald Avenue.

Residents have complained of how the roads in this area were not meant to accommodate large commercial trucks and pose safety concerns to drivers and pedestrians.

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