October 19, 2018 11:00 AM, EDT

Basin Commerce Launches New Workflow Program

Bulk freight software solutions provider Basin Commerce unveiled Conduit, its new quoting and management workflow platform.

Designed as a SaaS solution, Conduit streamlines and organizes how freight buyers acquire and manage bulk transportation services such as barge, truck and rail.

“Since the launch of iBookFreight in April of 2017, we actively listened to the market’s feedback, and it became very clear that frequent bulk shippers want their own platform versus using a public marketplace to find and buy barge freight and other bulk logistics services,” Basin Commerce co-founder and chief builder Pete Olson said in a press release earlier in October.

Shippers can enter transportation data into Conduit, which eliminates redundancy and reduces costly errors. Basin Commerce pegs Conduit as “a shipper’s privately branded quoting and management workflow platform for their network of transportation partners.”