ATRI Launches Fatigue Management Website for Commercial Drivers

The American Transportation Research Institute said Wednesday it has launched a commercial driver fatigue management website.

The North American Fatigue Management Program site,, provides free information on screening sleep disorders, fatigue management technologies and how to develop corporate culture to reduce driver fatigue.

“This program is a great example of industry organizations and regulators stepping forward to identify, provide and promote real solutions to improving the safety of our nation’s highways,” American Trucking Associations President Bill Graves said.

“ATA has long believed that looking holistically at alertness and fatigue management, rather than relying on a prescriptive Band-Aid approach provided by the current hours-of-service regulatory system, is the best way to address the complex issues of human alertness and fatigue,” he said in a statement.

The site also includes a return-on-investment tool that allows carriers to estimate the cost-benefit of deploying the program.

According to ATRI, the site is the result of a decade of research, development and testing of a fatigue management program. ATRI said it worked with several partners to create the program, including Transport Canada, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as many U.S. and Canadian-based trucking fleets.

“The NAFMP website will be a one-stop shop for carriers of all sizes to address the important issue of driver fatigue,” ATRI President Rebecca Brewster said in a statement.

“It is rewarding to see ATRI’s 10-year involvement in the research and development of the NAFMP come to fruition,” she said.