December 28, 2000 5:29 PM, EST

ATA's Addington Named to Cheney's Staff

David S. Addington, 43, senior vice president and general counsel of American Trucking Associations, has been appointed to the position of counsel to the vice president of the United States by President-elect Bush.

TT file photo
TT file photo
David S. Addington
He has worked before for Vice President-elect Dick Cheney. Addington was appointed general counsel to the Department of Defense by former President Bush in 1992, when Cheney was secretary of defense. Addington is “regarded as a longtime friend and aide to Cheney, and has held a number of sensitive posts for his former boss, including serving as Cheney’s “gatekeeper” during his tenure at the Pentagon,” said Roll Call magazine.

“We congratulate David on this important appointment, and know that he will bring to the Bush administration the same professionalism, competence and character that he has demonstrated in his capacity as general counsel of ATA during the past two years,” said ATA President Walter B. McCormick Jr. Addington joined ATA in May 1999.

From 1994 to 1997, Addington was president of the Alliance for American Leadership, a political action committee formed to support Republican candidates.

In the Reagan administration, Addington was deputy assistant for legislative affairs at the White House during 1988-89 and was a special assistant for legislative affairs from 1987-88. During 1986-87, he served as the Republican chief counsel for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

In his other accomplishments, he served as counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and was counsel on three House committees – intelligence, international relations, and the Iran/Contra investigation. Addington also worked as assistant general counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Addington was formerly a partner in the Washington, D.C., law firm of Holland & Knight, and is a Duke University Law School graduate.