October 17, 2016 5:10 PM, EDT

ARTBA Unveils Clinton, Trump Transportation Overview

Bloomberg News

The murky transportation picture in the 2016 presidential contest got a bit clearer, courtesy of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.

This month, the group unveiled a comprehensive overview of the candidates’ stances on transportation. The useful guide details policy positions and quotes from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as their vice-presidential picks. The group also includes the policy positions on passenger and commercial transportation for Republicans and Democrats.

ARTBA indicated it relied “principally from debate transcripts, public statements, legislative votes, writings and the candidates’ official websites and social media postings from recent years.”

Specifically, Clinton proposed a five-year, $275 billion plan to finance large-scale infrastructure and freight-connectivity programs. The revenue would come from the creation of an infrastructure bank. She also has advocated generating revenue through an overhaul of the corporate tax system. According to her campaign, her proposal would “expand public transit options to lower transportation costs and unlock economic opportunity.”

Trump said his proposal would be twice as large as Clinton’s plan. While he has yet to explain where he would find money to invest in infrastructure, Trump has sounded the alarm.

“We’re a serious debtor nation. And we have a country that needs new roads, new tunnels, new bridges, new airports, new schools, new hospitals. And we don’t have the money, because it’s been squandered on so many of [Clinton’s] ideas,” the candidate said at the Sept. 26 presidential debate.