Americans’ Economic Expectations Climb to a Three-Month High

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Optimism about the direction of the U.S. economy improved to a three-month high in November as sentiment remained supported by a robust job market and steady growth, Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index figures showed Nov. 16.

Highlights of Consumer Comfort for the Week Ended Nov. 12

• Monthly gauge of economic expectations increased to 53 in November from 47.5.

• Weekly comfort index rose to 10-week high of 52.1 from 51.5.

• Weekly index of buying climate rose to 44.2, highest since August, from 43.3.

• Weekly gauge of current views on the economy advanced to 52.1 from 51.9; personal finances measure increased to 59.8 from 59.3.

Key Takeaways

The report showed 35% of respondents reporting that the economy is improving, while just 27% say it’s deteriorating.

Such a gap has only been wider five times since March 2002.

Americans are enjoying solid job opportunities and stock-market gains that have boosted wealth. Inflation has also remained relatively low, allowing consumers to maintain their purchasing power.

Other Details

• Confidence rose in Northeast, South and West; fell in Midwest.

• Sentiment among men exceeded women by the widest margin in six weeks.

• Partisan gap between Democrats and Republicans widened to 10-week high, favoring Republicans by 22.2 points.


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