December 3, 2015 3:30 PM, EST

4-Year-Old Tests 18-Ton Volvo Truck; Mayhem Ensues

Volvo Trucks
Volvo trucks

In its latest Live Test series of videos, Volvo Trucks put 4-year-old Sophie in charge of its 18-ton FMX construction truck and, predictably, mayhem ensued.

The video, “Look Who’s Driving,” shows Sophie using a remote control to drive the construction truck through an obstacle course and eventually through a building.

“The new Volvo FMX:  Kid-tested, mother-approved,” one YouTube commenter said.

The video is part of the company’s Live Test series that included “The Hamster Stunt,” when a hamster controlled a truck’s steering wheel, “The Hook,” which features the president of Volvo Trucks standing on a truck dangling from a crane and “The Epic Split” with Jean-Claude van Damme that was viewed 81 million times.

Volvo said the goal of the video is to showcase how much the truck “can tolerate and how easily it copes in the most demanding environments.”

“The test demonstrates beyond question the ability of the truck to cope with the most extreme environments. To help it do so, it has functions such as the new, Automatic Traction Control, keeping it going even on severely sloping and soft surfaces. They also demonstrate its total strength with an unbeatable cabin design with sturdy front corners and a reinforced subframe,” Gunnar Eliasson, launch manager at Volvo Trucks, said in a statement.