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Editorial: The Diesel Merry-Go-Round

The national average retail price for diesel has increased by 14.4% over the most recent 11 weeks. Such a sentence would normally give fleet managers the creeps, invoking the specter of a dreaded fuel spiral.

May 9, 2016
Editorial, Business

Editorial: The Economy Pauses

Current performance of the U.S. economy is decidedly unimpressive. Output isn’t plunging, but sluggishness abounds and each sign of growth seems paired with a decline.

May 2, 2016
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A Welcome Reduction

Readers of Transport Topics see stories every week that involve the different ways trucking companies, industry suppliers and government regulators all aim to improve highway safety. So signs of progress should not be a surprise.

April 25, 2016
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Congressional Capacity

As expected, 2016 has been a slow year on Capitol Hill, especially when it comes to transportation.

April 18, 2016
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Prepping for Electronic Logging

Even without truck and engine makers exhibiting at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show, the event offered a good opportunity to take the pulse of drivers.

April 11, 2016
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Editorial: Logistics in 2016

The release of the Transport Topics Top 50 Logistics Companies publication, included inside this issue, offers a unique look inside a sector that continues to rapidly expand.

April 4, 2016
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Editorial: Engineering Chic

Once derided as socially awkward geeks wearing pocket protectors, engineers are doing the wildest things these days, especially in truck making.

March 28, 2016
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Editorial: Prepping for ELDs

Nearly every significant rulemaking from the federal government is bound to be met with some skepticism and doubt from at least a portion of the freight transportation industry.

March 21, 2016
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Editorial: This Week, It's Driver Rules

Truck drivers get almost as much attention as Donald Trump, even though drivers generally have a sense of decorum and don’t crave the limelight.

March 14, 2016
Editorial, Business

Editorial: Present and Future at TMC

The adage, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” is one that can sum up the discussion at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting perfectly. Except when it doesn’t at all.

March 7, 2016