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Uber Self-Driving Car in Fatal Crash Wasn’t Programmed to Brake

This March 19, 2018 still image taken from video provided by ABC-15, shows investigators at the scene of a fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber car on the street in Tempe, Ariz. ( via AP)

Uber Technologies Inc.’s self-driving vehicle wasn’t programmed to stop for obstructions in its path, including the pedestrian it struck and killed last March in Arizona, according to federal investigators.

Ryan Beene and Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
May 24, 2018
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Uber Ends Testing of Self-Driving Cars, Trucks in Arizona

Uber trucks Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Uber Technologies Inc. confirmed it is shutting down its autonomous vehicle operations in Arizona, including its self-driving trucks, two months after one of its self-driving passenger cars struck and killed a pedestrian in the state.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
May 24, 2018
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Uber Aims to Restart Self-Driving Car Tests in Pittsburgh This Summer

Getty Images

Uber is shutting down testing operations in Arizona and focusing instead on testing in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, according to an internal e-mail from Eric Meyhofer, a Carnegie Mellon University graduate and the head of Uber’s self-driving car operations.

Aaron Aupperlee | The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
May 24, 2018
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Fear of Autonomous Vehicles Rises After High-Profile Roadway Deaths

A fully autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle on streets of Dearborn, Mich. (Ford)

Consumer trust in self-driving cars has plummeted after high-profile roadway fatalities, with almost three-quarters of Americans now saying they are too afraid to ride in an autonomous vehicle, according to a new survey.

Keith Naughton | Bloomberg News
May 23, 2018
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Drone Deliveries Ready to Soar in Japan, but Issues Linger

A Japan Post Co. mail carrier rides a motorcycle under the Metropolitan Expressway in Yokohama, Japan. (Takaaki Iwabu/Bloomberg News) wowed the world in 2013 with a video purporting to show what the future of the delivery industry would look like. But are we any closer to that now? The answer seems to be no — at least in Japan.

Kazuaki Nagata | Japan Times, Tokyo
May 21, 2018
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ATA Leaders Meet With IRU in Geneva, Discuss Industry’s Future

Daimler autonomous truck Daimler autonomous truck. (Daimler AG)

Trucking industry leaders from around the world are facing many of the same issues as their counterparts in the United States, including the emergence of advanced driver-assistance systems and combating a persistent shortage of drivers.

Dan Ronan | Associate News Editor
May 17, 2018
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Apple Passes Waymo, Tesla for Self-Driving Car Permits in California

Getty Images

Just last year, Apple was in the backseat of an increasingly crowded competition for self-driving cars with Google-owned Waymo, Tesla and Uber vying for an edge.

Seung Lee | The (San Jose) Mercury News
May 17, 2018
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Self-Driving Cars Find Clearer Paths to Market Outside US

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

Cars that drive themselves are finding the clearest paths to showrooms in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and Singapore, where governments have enacted legislation allowing autonomous vehicles to be tested on public roads. And China’s not far behind.

Ma Jie and David Welch | Bloomberg News
May 15, 2018
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Capitol Agenda for the Week of May 14: Big Orange Cone

Traffic cones in Las Vegas Eugene Mulero/Transport Topics

Downtown Las Vegas is under construction. The consistent rise in tourism and population persuaded city and state officials to invest in wider roadways, additional transit and walkability options, and improve connectivity across freight corridors.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
May 14, 2018
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Rhode Island to Explore Autonomous Shuttle Pilot

Getty Images

The self-driving car wave could be headed to Rhode Island. The state’s Department of Transportation has released a request for proposals in its bid for a public-private partnership to test autonomous vehicles, likely in the form of small driverless shuttles in the Providence area.

Skip Descant | Government Technology
May 11, 2018