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Are you an employee, and do you get all the benefits that come with it? Many California businesses wonder what the answer might now be for their workforce. And many may not like the answer under a new test recently adopted by the state Supreme Court.

With data now in for the first third of the year, operators of some of the nation’s ports said they are setting records as the economy keeps booming — even as volume dipped at the nation’s largest port.

Brazil’s government hailed an agreement to suspend a four-day nationwide truckers’ strike over diesel prices that wreaked havoc on Latin America’s largest economy and sparked major shortages of food and fuel.

U.S. household sentiment improved for the first time in five weeks on more upbeat views about personal finances and the economy, the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index showed May 24.

The American Association of Port Authorities believes that in order for America’s ports to remain efficient and competitive during the next decade, more than $20 billion will be needed specifically to improve multimodal and rail access.

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Tracking the state champions who have qualified for the 2018 ATA National Truck Driving Championships and Step Van Driving Championships.

From pretrip inspections to on-course maneuvering — including during a downpour — get a taste of what state truck driving championships are like with this video from Kentucky's 2018 event.

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  • A unique ranking of the third-party logistics companies in North America includes listings of the largest freight brokerage firms, freight forwarders, warehouse operators and dedicated contract carriage service providers.

  • Annual rankings provide an indispensable overview of the largest for-hire carriers in North America, along with timely analysis of trends shaping the industry.

  • Beverage and food service fleets dominate the top spots in this comprehensive rundown of private carriers in North America, ranked by number of tractors.

  • Key data on revenue and freight assets for the 50 largest global freight carriers.

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Truck driver taking a break

A provision aimed at ensuring uniformity nationwide for meal-and-rest-break laws for truck drivers will stay in a House funding bill after surviving a Democratic-led effort to remove it May 23.

Uber Self-Driving Car in Fatal Crash Wasn’t Programmed to Brake

Uber Technologies Inc.’s self-driving vehicle wasn’t programmed to stop for obstructions in its path, including the pedestrian it struck and killed last March in Arizona, according to federal investigators.

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