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Diesel Pump

The U.S. average retail price of diesel dipped 0.3 cent to $3.025 as the cost of crude slipped and remained just below $64 a barrel.

Federal Regulators have granted the Truck Renting and Leasing Association a 90-day electronic logging device exemption for rentals not exceeding 30 days.

Rhode Island received top marks on an advocacy group’s recent report card that evaluates states on their ability to enforce highway safety laws.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has announced sweeping tax legislation to accompany an incentive package that devotes billions to transit and infrastructure in an effort to entice Amazon into building their second headquarters in the state.

President Donald Trump has pledged to rework trade deals so they benefit domestic workers, but current efforts have sparked concern among industry groups, including trucking.

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Governors Map

Infrastructure needs have emerged as a top priority for most state administrators who received the go-ahead to spend millions of dollars on repairs as well as new construction projects that range from expanding highways to fixing decrepit roads to installing Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Left to right, TT's Eric Miller and Eugene Mulero, and Eno's Jeff Davis

2018 is shaping up to be a potentially transformative year on the government front for freight transportation. Our Jan. 17 LiveOnWeb program, “2018 Government Outlook,” dissected the prospects for infrastructure reform and regulatory issues that will impact trucking businesses. Watch the replay.

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A year ago, Teamsters Local 707 retirees suffered a fate that could soon hit hundreds of thousands of union workers: Their pension fund crashed.

Industry Eyes E-Axles

Tesla’s announcement in November that it will produce an all-electric Class 8 tractor by 2019 helped highlight the potential for electric power in commercial trucking. But while Tesla and others are electrifying the entire truck, some companies are focusing on the axles.

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