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Equipment Cybersecurity Awareness

Trucking's at increasing risk of cybersecurity threats, and the risk is only going to grow as automated and other advanced technologies become commonplace in the industry.

Robert Braswell | Executive Director, Technology & Maintenance Council
January 19, 2018
Business, Technology, Equipment

FedEx Freight’s Mark McLean Wins Third SuperTech Crown

SuperTech Grand Champion Mark McLean TMC SuperTech Grand Champion Mark McLean. (Jaclyn O'Laughlin)

ORLANDO, Fla. — FedEx Freight technician Mark McLean captured his third Grand Champion title Sept. 19 at American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council National Technicians Skills Competitions, most in the 13-year history of the event.

Fran Matso Lysiak | Equipment Editor
September 19, 2017
Technology, Equipment, Safety

TMC Fall Meeting to Focus on Implementation of New Technologies

SuperTech Vos FedEx Freight Technician Vos (Jaclyn O'Laughlin)

The Technology & Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations will hold its 2017 Fall Meeting & National Technician Skills Competitions on Sept. 16-21 in Orlando, Fla.

Fran Matso Lysiak | Equipment Editor
September 7, 2017