March 21, 2016 4:00 PM, EDT
Vigillo Unveils CSA Data-Analyzing Tool

Commercial transportation data software firm Vigillo announced on March 21 a new feature added to its Carrier Select system.

BASIC Measure Analyzer, the new feature, is designed to provide analysis to help the industry better understand the Compliance, Safety, Accountability raw data for property motor carriers that was made public by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration earlier this month.

“After removal of BASIC percentile scores and alerts from public view on Dec. 4, 2015, the FMCSA has, in accordance with the FAST Act, now posted the BASIC measures on over 500,000 motor carriers back in the public view,”  Steve Bryan, Vigillo’s CEO. explained

“These measures introduce new complexity to the brokers, shippers and insurers who depend on that information to make informed decisions on carrier selection and risk management,” Bryan added. His Oregon-based firm maintains the largest database of CSA scores outside of FMCSA.

The so-called “absolute measures” data are generated directly from safety data and not based on relative comparisons with other motor carriers. The CSA percentile scores for property motor carriers will remain unavailable for public view to comply with the new transportation law, the FAST Act, which was signed in December.