September 18, 2017 12:00 AM, EDT
Technology Alphabet Soup
Understanding Technology Jargon is the First Step to Improving Service Event Management

If you’re a trucking business executive who wants to drive change and create a more competitive service value chain, how do you keep from drowning in the sea of alphabet soup, the acronym-packed technology jargon of today’s IT-driven world?

Commercial vehicle asset maintenance has one of the most complex alphabet soups, with a dizzying array of acronyms— FSM, DMS, FMS, EAM, and VMRS, to name just a few. Complicating the challenge of ensuring successful service events is the need to effectively exchange and share data across a small village of service value chain participants, each with their own confusing jargon.

Enter SRM, the acronym we use for the Decisiv Service Relationship Management platform. What’s different about SRM is that it’s the only technology that can act as a bridge between multiple, separate systems of information to bring together all parties in a service supply chain.

Delivering more effective asset service management results in more proactive, consistent, and cost-effective service, and higher customer satisfaction. When implemented effectively, SRM delivers highly sought after competitive advantages and addresses critical priorities for fleets, OEMs, and dealers.

Tech jargon may be complicated, but technology like the Decisiv SRM platform ensures that all service value chain participants are speaking the same language and working from the same information.

Separating necessary keywords from jargon is a key first step in effectively leveraging the latest IT solutions and using the many cloud-related technologies that are employed across your service supply chain network.

Help deciphering the acronyms and buzzwords that make it hard to uncover the true value of any information management technology is our newest whitepaper— SRM, Asset Maintenance, and the Technology Alphabet Soup: A guide to optimizing the service process for commercial assets in today’s confusing IT world. This paper clarifies some of the acronyms and buzzwords that surround commercial asset service management.

While the service value chain for commercial assets is complex, SRM makes it possible to design a solution that begins paying off quickly for your business. Don’t let technology alphabet soup bog you down.

Service Relationship Management is a proven solutions framework that’s critical for any business that wants to improve decision-making, reduce costs, ensure service event consistency, and maximize asset availability throughout the service value chain.

Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) software is already the choice of major vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Hino, Peterbilt, and Kenworth, as well as their dealers and call centers, service networks and managed maintenance providers, and a growing number of fleet customers. For information, visit

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