December 4, 2012 10:00 AM, EST
Supercube Permit Rules Tightened

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has tightened rules for permits on trials of Walmart’s extended length semi-trailer known as the “supercube,” addressing several safety concerns, the Ontario Trucking Association said.

Under the new regulations, permits for the 18-month trial of the 60-foot, 6-inch trailer combined with a storage box behind the cab will be held by carriers and driven by drivers with a minimum five years experience.

Walmart Canada began seeking permits for the longer trailer in early November and ran into opposition from OTA.

OTA said the initial permit conditions fell short of what was necessary to ensure public safety and only carriers with acceptable safety records should have access to special permits.

The new regulations also require that the carrier have minimum $5 million liability insurance and provide orientation to the drivers.