March 4, 2016 10:00 AM, EST
SkyBitz Launches Chassis Tracking Device

Telematics provider SkyBitz said it is offering an intermodal chassis tracking device with the capability to track equipment movements in an effort to improve service and reduce delays.

Herndon, Virginia-based SkyBitz said the device, known as Falcon GXT3100i, will provide location, load status and information about whether the chassis is bare or has a container mounted on it. The SkyBitz Container Detection Sensor advises users about chassis status, the statement said.

“It offers intermodal operators visibility of their assets’ entire chain of events — from the arrival and departure from customer sites to all events occurring in between,” the statement said, reducing costs for equipment rental, verification of pickup and dropoff times and real-time information while the chassis is in motion.

“The actionable information from this solution allows intermodal businesses to gain better utilization, avoid misuse and increase their customers’ satisfaction by improving on-time delivery. All of this adds up to cost savings and an improved bottom line,” SkyBitz President Henry Popplewell said.

The units are available on a subscription basis. They include a proprietary mounting bracket as well as the GXT3100i with its container detection sensor.