June 25, 2014 9:00 AM, EDT
Navistar’s International ProStar Improves Fuel Economy 5% with Eaton Transmission
John Sommers II for TT

Navistar Inc. said its new offering of the International ProStar installed with the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated 10-speed transmission has a 5% fuel-economy improvement.

The company said the pairing of its truck with the Eaton transmission allows for intelligent shifting and downspeeding, allowing the engine to operate at lower revolutions per minute, thus using less fuel.

“Every percent of fuel-economy improvement makes a difference, and pairing the aerodynamics of our ProStar with technologies from Eaton Fuller helps our customers maximize their fuel savings,” said Bill Kozek, Navistar’s president of North America Truck and Parts. 

As part of the engine and transmission combination, the Eaton Fuller Advantage Series Automated transmission will be offered in one rating combining Navistar’s 13-liter engine rated at 450 horsepower and 1,550-1,750 pound feet of torque for linehaul and regional haul applications.

“The benefits of automated transmissions have driven considerable acceptance in the industry,” Kozek said. “Automated transmissions now make up 30% of the market in North America with the trend continuing upward.”