April 3, 2014 1:00 PM, EDT
Lytx Sponsors ATA Show Trucks
American Trucking Associations

Lytx Inc. is the newest sponsor of the American Trucking Associations show trucks that travel the country promoting safety and the trucking industry.

Technology firm Lytx, formerly DriveCam, is sponsoring ATA’s Interstate One and Share the Road trucks.

The trucks will be using Lytx’s DriveCam video recorder program, highlighting technology’s role in improving driving safety and preventing collisions on the nation’s highways, according to ATA.

“We are proud to partner with driver safety technology companies like Lytx that are making a difference by changing behaviors and preventing vehicle collisions,” ATA President Bill Graves said in a statement. “There is no better way to highlight the advances in safety technology than putting equipment on the ATA show trucks for all to understand the importance the trucking industry puts on safety.”

“As a global leader in delivering driver safety and compliance solutions, Lytx is proud to be a sponsor of the ATA’s show trucks and of the elite professionals who drive them across our nation,” Lytx Chairman and CEO Brandon Nixon said in a statement.