February 11, 2013 11:30 AM, EST
Gasoline Price Jumped 25¢ in Past Two Weeks, Lundberg Survey Reports
Larry Smith/Trans Pixs

Gasoline prices jumped 25 cents in the past two weeks to $3.59 a gallon, while diesel rose 12 cents to $4.07, according to the latest Lundberg survey of filling stations released Sunday.

The gasoline average is 8.2 cents over a year ago and the two-week jump was the biggest jump in almost two years, according to the twice-monthly survey, which covered the period ended Friday.

The increase followed higher oil prices, as crude prices rose for eight straight weeks before declining last week to just below $97 a barrel, Bloomberg News reported.

Billings, Mont., had the lowest price among cities surveyed, at $3.05 a gallon, while Los Angeles was the highest, at $4.10, the survey said.

The Department of Energy will release its weekly survey of diesel and gasoline pump prices Monday afternoon in Washington.