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Peloton On-Highway Platooning Test to Take Place in Texas

TMC Task Force Approves Paper on Automated Driving

Peloton Technology
ORLANDO, Fla. — An executive at Peloton Technology said Texas is where the initial on-highway tests of the company’s platooning system will take place next year.

Steve Boyd, co-founder and vice president of external affairs, said Mountain View, California-based Peloton, is still in discussions “with two or three major fleets” and that trials should take place during “the first half of 2016.”

Boyd made the comments at a task force meeting during the fall meeting of American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council here Sept. 21.

Platoons are a convoy of two or more trucks linked electronically to a lead truck with an active driver in each. Next year’s tests will be limited to two-truck platoons.

Texas already had shown an interest in platooning and has been experimenting with the technology through the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

In a recent interview with Transport Topics, Peloton CEO Joshua Switkes first announced plans for a trucking fleet to incorporate platooning into its operations during 2016.

At TMC, Boyd said that Peloton will work with both Meritor Wabco and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, creating separate fleet trials using two different braking systems.

During the task force meeting, part of TMC’s Future Truck program, a final draft version of a white paper focused on automated driving and platooning, was published and then approved after discussion.

Duke Drinkard, a former truck driver who spent nearly a half-century in the maintenance department of less-than-truckload fleet Southeastern Freight Lines, was a member of the team that crafted the white paper. He acknowledged that while he is still “not 100% on board” with all parts of platooning and automated driving, “I’m a whole lot closer than when I started.”

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By Neil Abt
Editorial Director

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