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Opinion: Managing Paperless Documents

• Easy to Use: If you choose software too complex for your employees to learn if they receive poor training, either they won’t fully utilize it or the cost of training will be daunting and you may not see the expected benefits of your investment. Better to choose a document-management solution that is both simple to use yet powerful.

• Flexible and Scalable: Will your electronic document management software and vendor be able to meet your future requirements in terms of number of users and the amount of electronic documents processed? Does the solution grow with you and run equally well on a single desktop? Find out before you purchase. The bottom line is you should validate that you are getting the document-management solution that you need today with room to grow in the future.

• Security: Sensitive and confidential documents must be stored securely to provide protection against intrusion and data loss. In a paperless office, you can add several levels of security. The best document-management solution allows you to set individual and role-based security at folder and file levels. That means you can give different people access to folders and documents based on their roles in your company. Ask your vendor about their security levels.

• Experience in the Transportation Industry: Does a vendor have broad experience and expertise in the trucking industry, serving other customers much like you? Do they speak your “language?” Make sure the vendor knows the ins and outs of your business or you will waste a considerable amount of time and money teaching them about your business processes, industry requirements, compliance issues and the like. Expect your vendor to be an expert on their products — and a professional in your industry.

• Automation and Workflow: Will your document-management solution provide you with the ability to automate business processes with electronic workflow? Workflow is a powerful automation tool that allows you to streamline time-critical business processes like accounts payable and receivable, maintenance, recruiting and more. It will boost productivity by enabling you to identify, optimize and track virtually any business process and quickly implement a standard repeatable process.

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