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Thu, November 10, 2022 - 02:00 PM, EST

Don’t Get Stuck with Decal – KWIK ZIP™ IT!

Program Aired: November 10, 2022

Would you believe that in the time it takes to enjoy this webinar, your trailer could be equipped with the KWIK ZIP™ System and new graphics? It's true!  

The revolutionary KWIK ZIP™ offers ultra-premium, long-term graphics that can be installed or changed out in less than an hour. (10) 53' trailer graphic installations in 1 day? No problem with KWIK ZIP™!  

Make old vehicles new again in under an hour without investing in decal removal, paint, or bodywork. Looking to cut your washing cycles in half? Done! Visible rivets or corrugations? None! Do your own graphic installations and change-outs at half the cost - or retire your trailers in 30 minutes, eliminating downtime & saving thousands!  

In this webinar you'll learn: 

  • - Everything you ever wanted to know about changeable graphics. 

  • - How switching to KWIK ZIP™ can optimize the impact of your fleet media presence. 

  • - How KWIK ZIP™ can help you take ultimate control of your fleet graphic program. 

 EPIC Worldwide has been setting the bar in fleet graphic production since 1997. As an advertising industry force with a global presence, EPIC credits their success to their stellar service and flagship product, the KWIK ZIP™ Graphic System.  

To date, the revolutionary KWIK ZIP™ has flanked the fleets of dozens of Fortune 500 Companies. With KWIK ZIP™ fleet graphics are easily installed and the system so friendly to use, companies can swap out their own fleet campaign graphics in 30 minutes or less.  

To learn more about EPIC Worldwide and the KWIK ZIP™ graphic system, visit

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Shelley Smith

President and CEO, EPIC

Before founding EPIC, Shelley had significant involvement in the retail food industry as President of The Movchan Group, a marketing consultant firm. In addition to sourcing products globally, her firm was involved in all areas of product development, packaging, design, sales support and after placement marketing. She was directly responsible for the creation of over 75 successful private label products.

Marvin Smith 

Executive Chairman, EPIC

Marvin co-founded EPIC Worldwide and is the inventor of numerous globally patented graphic systems, including the KWIK ZIP™, KWIK Slide™, KWIK Guard™ and the KWIK ZIP Tensioning System for rear roll up doors on trucks. These systems were created to meet the demand for quick and easy graphic change-outs on trucks, buildings, and walls.

Ed Potkay

VP of National Sales, EPIC
Ed was Director of Transportation for a major Northeast fleet for 38 years and was heavily involved in the branding of all their equipment. He worked very closely with the marketing and advertising departments. They initially purchased the KWIK ZIP™ for their fleet graphics program back in 2002.

Melvin Lopez

VP of Sales & Service, EPIC
Melvin Lopez serves as the Director of Client Services. He is very closely involved in the day-to-day operations, working with existing clients and winning new accounts.


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