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Recharge: Maintenance Learning Sessions

January 24, 2023

The adoption of electric trucks by fleets would see a more sustainable trucking industry, but is our infrastructure ready to support commercial electric vehicles? And, how has technician training evolved to include EV support and maintenance? Join us for conversations that will help your fleet charge ahead. 

June 8, 2016

In his final few months as President and CEO of American Trucking Associations, Bill Graves met with TT staffers, including Editorial Director Neil Abt, to reflect on where the trucking industry and the association stand as his tenure winds down. More at

May 23, 2016

Trucking provisions and the meal-and-rest break are up for consideration this week; Stephanie Beasley, transportation reporter for Bloomberg BNA, joins TT's Eugene Mulero to preview the week ahead for trucking on Capitol Hill. Read more at

May 22, 2016

Ralph Garcia, a professional driver for ABF Freight System and an America's Road Team captain, talks about wearable technology as a motivation tool in this excerpt from our May 18 LiveOnWeb program, "Driver Health and Wellness from A to Zzzz." See full show at

May 20, 2016

World-class athlete-turned-driver-turned-trainer Siphiwe Baleka, of Prime Inc. and Fitness Trucking, shows TT's Neil Abt the one workout drivers should do to stay fit if they have limited time. Full LiveOnWeb program at

May 20, 2016

Christine Hydock, Chief of FMCSA's Medical Programs Division, talks with TT's Eric Miller about the advance notice of proposed rulemaking regarding sleep apnea, and other driver health issues. Full LiveOnWeb program at

May 18, 2016

Austin Zuerlein and Gene McGuire of Wellness Coaches USA talk to TT's Neil Abt about drivers health and wellness programs. A segment of this full interview played during our May 18 LiveOnWeb program on Driver Health and Wellness from A to Zzzzz. Watch the replay at

May 17, 2016

Jeff Davis, senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, joins TT's Eugene Mulero to talk transportation funding and the FAST Act during Infrastructure Week. More at

May 16, 2016

Austin Zuerlein and Gene McGuire of Wellness Coaches USA give their No. 1 piece of advice on keeping drivers healthy. Watch more of their interview during our May 18, noon EDT LiveOnWeb on Driver Health from A to Zzzzz at

May 14, 2016

Celadon Group Chairman and CEO Paul Will talks to Transport Topics' Neil Abt about the late founder of the company, Stephen Russell. See more of the Will interview during the May 18 LiveOnWeb at

May 8, 2016

Dr. Todd Simo of HireRight talks with TT's Neil Abt about the prevalence of sleep apnea among truck drivers and how it is diagnosed, and the importance of that diagnosis to safety. Part of our May 18 LiveOnWeb program on Driver Health and Wellness from A to Zzzzz. Catch the replay at

August 16, 2014

Video coverage of the 2014 National Truck Driving Championships from the floor of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.