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Combating Driver Distraction, Fatigue

Advances in technology are giving trucking companies increasingly sophisticated ways to combat distracted and drowsy driving — two of the biggest threats to fleet safety.

Bruce Lilly | Special to Transport Topics
March 18, 2016
Technology, Business, Safety, Equipment

Suppliers Offer Systems That Monitor Drivers’ Faces for Alertness

Several technology suppliers are offering onboard systems that monitor the driver’s face for signs of distraction or drowsiness.

Bruce Lilly | Special to Transport Topics
March 18, 2016
Technology, Business, Government, Safety

Beyond Trailer Tracking

Pan American Express Inc.

Carriers now are deploying a variety of onboard sensors that can tell them if a trailer is loaded or empty, when its doors open, the temperature of its cargo or if a pallet moves.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
March 18, 2016
Technology, Business, Autonomous

The ‘Internet of Things’ Takes Hold in Trucking

It wasn’t long ago that the Internet was used mainly for sending e-mail, browsing news sites or making purchases, generally from a desktop computer. But that is changing rapidly due to one of the defining technology trends of our time — the proliferation of devices and objects connected to networks to gather and transmit data.

March 18, 2016
Technology, Business, Government, Fuel, Equipment, Safety

Adoption of Trailer Aerodynamics Continues to Grow, Report Finds

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Fleets have ramped up their investments in trailer aerodynamics systems in recent years to improve fuel economy, and federal regulations are expected to drive further adoption, a new report found.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 18, 2016
Technology, Business, Equipment, Safety

ITLC Corner: Omnichannel Networks Demand Flexibility

Retailers are working to identify technologies that will help them build better omnichannel networks, with everything from warehouse distribution systems to mobile devices for in-store staff included in the mix.

Joe Howard | Executive Editor
March 18, 2016
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Overhaul Develops Web Tool, Focused on Higher-Value Freight

Overhaul, a service seeking to capitalize on new trucking technology, announced the development of its Web platform and mobile app, which targets small carriers and shippers of higher-value cargo.

March 18, 2016
Business, Technology

Replay: LiveOnWeb on 'The Truth About ELDs'

Clevenger, Funk, Faucette

What do you need to know to be prepared to meet the December 2017 electronic logging mandate? Hear from two fleet execs who've already been there. Herman Funk of Cowan Systems and Sam Faucette of Old Dominion Freight Line joined TT's Seth Clevenger. Watch the replay.

March 17, 2016
Government, Business, Technology

Capitol Agenda for the Week of March 15: Why an Aviation Bill Matters

This week, we’re looking at an aviation policy bill as a forum for lawmakers to advance nonaviation measures through Congress. Here's the week ahead for trucking on Capitol Hill.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 15, 2016
Letters to the Editor, Business, Safety, Government, Technology

Letters: On Platooning, Exemption Fatigue

While “platooning” of heavy vehicles appears to have some viability, Google’s vaunted, autonomous car recorded its first at-fault accident only last month. The reality is, platooning cannot control the actions of other motorists.  

March 14, 2016