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Diesel Fuel Shortage Reported in Ontario

The Ontario Trucking Association said Tuesday that an apparent diesel fuel shortage in the province was causing concern to truckers.

February 27, 2007
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Diesel Price Jumps 6 Cents to $2.551 in Fourth Straight Gain

Retail diesel fuel’s national average price rose for a fourth straight week, jumping 6 cents to $2.551 a gallon, the Department of Energy said Monday.

February 27, 2007
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Gasoline Prices Jump 12.8 Cents, Lundberg Survey Says

Gasoline prices jumped almost 13 cents a gallon nationwide in the past two weeks, as the price of crude oil rose, according to the latest Lundberg Survey of filling stations, released Sunday.

February 26, 2007
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Demand for Cleaner Engines Seen Growing

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — An official with the Chicago Climate Exchange said the demand for cleaner engines and alternative fuels in the United States will increase as membership in its cap-and-trade emission trading system expands.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
February 26, 2007
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So. Cal. Ports to Require Emission Licenses for Trucks

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — The president of the Long Beach Harbor Commission said a licensing system would be “up and running within five years” at his port and the neighboring Port of Los Angeles to ensure all trucks entering the facilities meet strict emission standards.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
February 26, 2007
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Crude Oil Closes Over $60 a Barrel for First Time in ’07

Crude oil closed at more than $60 a barrel for the first time this year Wednesday, while the Department of Energy reported Thursday that inventories of both gasoline and distillate fuel saw big decreases last week.

February 22, 2007
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Diesel Rises for Third Straight Week, Climbing 1.5 Cents to $2.491

The average national retail price of diesel fuel rose 1.5 cents to $2.491 a gallon, the Energy Department reported Tuesday.

February 21, 2007
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Key Senator Backs Incentives for New Truck Engines, APUs

ARLINGTON, Va. — The new chairman of the Senate Finance Committee told directors of American Trucking Associations last week that he supported creation of federal financial incentives to help fleets purchase new, cleaner-burning diesel engines and auxiliary power units.

February 20, 2007
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ATA Agrees to Boost Support for Biodiesel

ARLINGTON, Va. — American Trucking Associations said last week it would become more vocal in its support for increased fuel efficiency in heavy trucks and ratified an agreement with the biodiesel industry to promote that fuel at the federal level.

Sean McNally | Staff Reporter
February 20, 2007
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Manufacturers Begin Tests of 2010 Engine Prototypes

Most major truck engine manufacturers said they are now testing prototypes of engines developed to meet the federal government’s 2010 diesel engine emission standards. Two of them said they will have engines available for testing next year.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
February 20, 2007